Work experience

Swan Lifeline are really keen to offer young people work experience and provide all the information and training you need to make your placement with us a safe one.

We can take placements for a week or more in certain circumstances. We would expect you to arrive at 9am and work until 5.30. We have on site facilities for staff but would suggest you bring your own lunch. Our work takes place outdoors in all sorts of weather! No matter what the weather is like our swans need to be cleaned, fed and cared for every day.

There will be opportunities to accompany us on rescues where appropriate and we expect that you would be working very closely with the swans. The work is wet and messy so you need to dress for the job.

We do receive many requests for work experience, especially during school and college holidays. If you are interested please make sure that you make a request well in advance of your preferred dates.

We would need you to provide a reference from your school or college and will ask you to complete a form that creates an agreement between us. We are happy to complete and return any forms that your tutor/course leader should need to show you have fulfilled the required criteria for work experience.

Our staff have DBS checks and we are covered with public liability insurance.

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