Virtual gifts

Our Virtual Gifts are the perfect choice for the swan lover who would like to be directly involved in the day to day running of Cuckoo Weir Island without being there!

When you buy a virtual gift, either for yourself or someone else you will be directly helping us in our work caring for sick and injured swans.

In return for your purchase we will send you a beautiful keyring and a certificate which will be personalised for you.

The money you donate for your virtual gift goes directly towards the swans
in our care.

Bandages used for Swan injuries
We use bandages for the more serious injuries like dog attacks. We change them every day to keep them sterile so we use many metres every year.

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Swan LifeLine Feeds for Swans
Feed the swans for one day!
We are able to house up to 180 swans at one single time which means we could have 180 mouths to feed twice a day! Your donation will help to feed these beautiful birds whilst in our care.

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X Ray for an injured swan
X Ray for an injured swan
60% of the swans we rescue require an x ray to determine the problem. These x rays help to show us whether the swans have any broken bones or have swallowed a fishing hook.

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Swan LifeLine Rescue-of-swan-10
Swan rescue equipment
Swans get themselves into all sorts of difficult situations – becoming tangled in fishing line or being stuck behind a 8ft fence. We carry a lot of equipment with us daily as we cannot predict what we may come across. This package includes a swan hook, wrap, bag, net, rope, ladder and medical kit.

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Swan LifeLine Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning equipment
We like to keep our intensive care extremely hygienic to limit infection. We get through a huge number of products weekly so your donation will help us to buy disinfectant, mop heads and detergent.

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Swan LifeLine Swan Wrap
Swan wrap
These are great in securing a swan so they can be transported safely.

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Swan LifeLine Medical Bundle
Medical bundle
Including every day non-prescription items that we use to treat swans for all sorts of health issues.

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