We thoroughly enjoy talking to school children as their enthusiasm is captivating and knowledge far reaching.

We provide talks that are tailored to the curriculum and age specific. Our talks can be of any length required. We have talked about the effect of litter on wildlife, the swans of the River Thames and the history of swans in the UK.

We specifically hope to educate about the dangers to swans, the dangers of swans, environmental effects on swans, their dietary requirements and talk about what we do at Swan Lifeline in terms of rescues and releases and our desire that all swans, where possible are released back to the wild.

We offer PowerPoint presentations and will if possible ensure that two members of Swan Lifeline attend. Where possible, and when required we will bring interactive material to our talks which includes rescue equipment, swan food, moulted feathers.
Our staff are DBS checked.

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Swan LifeLine Event at a School