Private lakes and safe sites

When a swan suffers a severe injury and after recuperation at our site, it is not always possible to release them into the wild.

The rule of thumb is that a swan must be able to fly, must be able to Private lakes and safe sitesdefend itself in a territorial dispute and must not be at risk from predators.

When a swan has a limp or a partial wing amputation following injury we can only release them to a safe site. With these injuries swans can exist perfectly happily with a partner, lay eggs and hatch cygnets but the threats from the wild need to be removed.

We are always looking for lakes that are a decent size for a pair of swans and that have an island, either natural or man made.

One of swan's greatest predators are foxes who will kill if they are able therefore an island is essential to a swan that cannot fly. When we are offered a private lake or other site our staff will make a visit to inspect it for its suitability.

We will ask the owners to sign a form which explains that the swans are still owned by The Crown and that's its future welfare will always be the responsibility of Swan Lifeline.

If you think you can help please contact us.