Our patrons

Swan Lifeline have 2 amazing patrons
Sir Michael Parkinson CBE and Gabby Logan M.B.E

Sir Michael said:

‘I have lived on the river for nearly 50 years and have come to regard the swans as friends,  We have fed several generations of these delightful birds, garnered great pleasure from their grace and beauty and been horrified by the signs of casual cruelty imposed upon them by one or two ignorant and cruel people.  The work that our organisation is doing is necessary, important and meaningful if we are to protect these beautiful creatures.  I am proud to be your patron.’

Gabby Logan

On a recent visit to Swan Lifeline Gabby said : ‘I spent a wonderful morning at Swan Lifeline, the new intensive care unit is very impressive, and it was lovely to see the swans being so well looked after by the Swan Lifeline team.’

To see a clip of Gabby’s visit click here