Please remember Swan Lifeline with a gift in your will to help us continue our work.

A gift to Swan Lifeline in your will is a way to ensure that your support for us lives on – even after your lifetime. Any gift, large or small, will help our vital work. In fact gifts in Wills now account for a significant part of our income.

A gift to us in your will is always tax free and even if you have made a will you can always ask your solicitor to add a codicil and leave a gift to us.

There are different types of legacies:

  • A Pecuniary Legacy is a set amount taken from an estate.
  • A Residuary Legacy is what remains after any Pecuniary Legacies have been distributed. In many cases this is shared between a number of Charities.
  • The third alternative is to leave valuables or property to the Charity.

Donations in lieu of flowers at funerals is also much appreciated.

At Swan Lifeline we have a memorial garden where friends and relatives can sit peacefully and recall their loved ones and the benefits arising from their gifts. We list donors in the garden or provide memorial plaques.

To find out more about making a will and leaving a gift to charity go to www.rememberacharity.org.uk