Items appeal

We are always in need of the following items, if you can help please contact us at:

Shredded paper (long cut not cross cut): we use shredded paper in our intensive care unit and recuperation pens. We prefer paper to straw as it is cleaner and there is no danger of the spread of infection from allergens or bacteria that are often found in straw. Swans and cygnets can also inhale the dust and small particles that come from straw.

Each of our intensive care pens will use half a bin liner of shredded paper a day so when we are busy that amounts to 10 bags a day! Swans are rather messy birds and to keep them clean, especially after surgery it is vital that their bedding is changed at least once per day.

Newspapers: we use newspapers underneath the shredded paper to aid absorbency. As with shredded paper this is changed every day.

Towels: we use towels during our rescues and in our treatment centre, especially when we have lots of young cygnets. These need to be changed regularly!

Tombola/raffle prizes

Laundry detergent


Unwanted household goods ( these can be used at our sale events/carboots)

Gardening equipment/tools (assists us when we have large work parties volunteering for the day)

If you have any other items that you think might be useful for us please let us know, we are always open to suggestions!

Alternatively please see our Amazon wishlist