Emergency helpline – 01753 859397

Cuckoo Weir Island, S Meadow Ln, Windsor SL4 6SS, enquiries@swanlifeline.org.uk

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Our centre is open for rescues and the care of swans 365 days a year

If you would like to donate to Swan Lifeline, sponsor a swan or purchase an item something from the Swan Lifeline shop, please call our centre on 01753 859397.

Following reports of some instances of Avian Influenza in the UK, Swan Lifeline follows the recommended bio-security measures at our centre, Cuckoo Weir Island, Eton, Berkshire. The staff and volunteers have prescribed measures for dealing with any infected birds that they are called to rescue and will at all times follow best practice in contacting DEFRA.

SwanLifeline rescues and cares for swans and cygnets within a 50-mile radius of our centre in Eton.
If you are contacting us in an emergency please
PHONE 01753 859397.


Our office hours are Monday - Sunday 8 am-6 pm. 

Outside of these hours and at certain times, if you phone us you may be asked to leave a message.

For non-emergencies please email us: enquiries@swanlifeline.org.uk.

If you are concerned or worried about other types of wildfowl or birds check helpwildlife.co.uk for details of available rescue services.


Please note that Swan Lifeline are following Public Health England guidelines regarding COVID-19.

We are still providing a rescue service but for all work parties, volunteering and events please contact our rescue centre.

The best way to help Swan Lifeline continue our work is to make a donation.