Donate by Post

Do you know how much it costs to treat a swan at Swan Lifeline? The following helps to gives a basic idea, however this costs vary significantly depending on whether a swan is with us for monitoring or recuperation (which can be many months), for specialist treatment or care within our dedicated intensive care unit and/or requiring medication from a veterinary surgeon.

£10 provides food for the swans in our care for one day

£20 provides equipment and medicines for our intensive care unit

£30 is the estimated average cost of a swan rescue

£100 is the estimated average cost of a visit to our vet with an injured swan

£300 pays for the rescue equipment used by our staff to rescue swans

There are many different ways that you can donate funds towards the rescue and care for swans at Swan Lifeline. The following options are available: PayPal, via our website, by post and via our Facebook page.

To donate by post, please download and complete the form by clicking here.