Become a friend of Swan Lifeline

As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) the only “members” are the Trustees and there is no AGM or formal structure for other interested parties.

We ask those who wish to be kept informed of and involved in our activities to become “Friends of Swan Lifeline”.

To become a “Friend” you can make a monthly, quarterly or annual donation. “Friends” can join at any time.

Minimum suggested rates per annum are:
  1. Corporate: £500
  2. Associations: £50
  3. Families: £25
  4. Individual: £15
  5. Seniors or Juniors: £10

Donations by bankers order ensures that “Friends” receive quarterly newsletters, priority invitations to events and a visit to Cuckoo Weir Island.

We hope that “Friends” will want to get further involved by fundraising, volunteering or in any other way.

We prefer to keep in contact by means of email. We would advise that we do not share your details with any other third party.

For communications by post we do not generally acknowledge donations until the next newsletter due to excessive postage costs.

If you are a taxpayer we ask that you complete a Gift Aid declaration to ensure we receive the full benefit of your donation.



Become a friend of Swan Lifeline

Become a friend of Swan Lifeline

  • £ 0.00
  • If you wish to send this form by post please print and return with your cheque, made payable to Swan Lifeline to: Swan Lifeline, Cuckoo Weir Island, Meadow Lane, Eton, SL4 6SS