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Following reports of some instances of Avian Influenza in the UK, Swan Lifeline follows the recommended bio security measures at our centre, Cuckoo Weir Island, Eton, Berkshire. The staff and volunteers have prescribed measures for dealing with any infected birds that they are called to rescue and will at all times follow best practice in contacting DEFRA.

SwanLifeline rescues and cares for swans and cygnets within a 50 mile radius of our centre in Eton. If you are contacting us in an emergency please
PHONE 01753 859397. Our office hours are Monday - Sunday 8am-6pm.  Outside of these hours and at certain times, if you phone us you may be asked to leave a message.

For non emergencies please email us: enquiries@swanlifeline.org.uk.

If you are concerned or worried about other types of wildfowl or birds check helpwildlife.co.uk for details of available rescue services.


Please note that Swan Lifeline are following Public Health England guidelines and making sure we are as prepared as possible for COVID-19.

We are still providing a rescue service but all work parties, volunteering and events are postponed until further notice.  We will continue to review this situation regularly.

The best way to help Swan Lifeline continue our work is to make a donation.

Our site at Cuckoo Weir Island

Our site at Cuckoo Weir Island

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Volunteers to work with the swans

Volunteering with us

We are always looking for new volunteers who are prepared to work directly with the swans or general work at the centre.

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Help You Identify Swan Injuries

Checklist of swan injuries

We help you identify what might be normal and what could be a potential injury

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Welcome to Swan Lifeline

Swan Lifeline is the oldest registered charity devoted entirely to the care of sick and injured swans in the Thames Valley and surrounding area.

Initially we worked from private homes, as we sought a suitable centre. In 1992 Eton College offered us the lease of Cuckoo Weir Island free of charge. The following year, after building a treatment centre and outside pens, Swan Lifeline moved in.

Our work is possible only through generous donations and other support from the general public, our sponsors, trustees and volunteers.

Swan LifeLine to the care of sick and injured swans

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